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latest bloody news

  • the monolith deathcult's tetragrammaton

    with the release of the monolith deathcult's fourth album 'tetragrammaton' another of my designs has seen the light of day [...] more »

    aug 18th 2013

  • bloody hell, it's been a while

    time does fly! it's been a bloody long time since the last bloody-wicked news update. it's not that you've missed much, but it did made me realise how little i've been doing things i actually like doing lately [...] more »

    jan 23rd 2011

bloody info

looking for cover art for your upcoming cd, shirt designs for your upcoming tour or a (re) design of your website?
you might have found what you are looking for. welcome at bloody-wicked.com, cd cover artwork & design. the available cd designs are on a conceptual base, having several advantages:
  • ready to go concepts: finalized product in a short period of time
  • one style & one price: cover / booklet / inlay / package / lp / cd / dvd design
  • as the photographs are part of the concept: you know what your pictures should look like before the shoot
  • merchandise & website design at the same address: optical sync once the release is due
here's a page explaining how it works, or go straight to the cd cover design overview

album artwork & design

cd cover and booklet design

merchandise design

merchandise design

web design and building

web design and web building