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dead head - depression tank

a 42 minute soul assault: dead head's fifth ghoul, “depression tank”, has seen the light of day.

just after i had made the decision to try and work in a way free from predefined ideas, dead head asked me whether i could design their next release's artwork. eventhough slightly surprised by their approval of this principle of conceptual design, i realized this would be a unique chance: 100% artistic freedom while making a cd cover design for a known band. but along with this came the fear to screw things up. for weeks or perhaps even months nearly everything i made just wasn't good enough for me and ended up in the trash bin.

during that period dead head revealed the title “depression tank” to me, which pretty much blocked every last bit of inspiration i had left. of course the first evening after i gave up trying and was playing around with some photoshop filters, the foundation for what ended up being the cover art of depression tank was made.

without giving a blueprint of what to think or what to see, a glimpse of my perception:
depressions, working like a vicious circle up to the point where depressive thoughts leave no room for anything else, always are influenced by your surroundings. surroundings: a saviour to one, a destructor to others. think of depression tank as being a place of no return, a place which surroundings mangle your soul putting you behind the wheel of your own destruction.

this downward spiral is the core concept of this design where the journey starts on the cover through the booklet to the tray-card... feel free to share your opinion of this cd cover design by rating it

dead head - depression tank design
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