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dead head - haatland

haatland is the fourth full length cd of dutch deathrashers dead head. "haatland" which is a dutch word which literally translates into "hate land" , in fact is the name of an industrial estate in dead head's hometown.

at the time dead head asked me to take care of the artwork for this album, a draft of the cover-art was already created and dead head more or less knew what the booklet should look like. as time was running short, i wasn't the one complaining.

a medieval map of "haatland" as background for the booklet pages and member images shaped as polaroid images were among the already defined elements. the only new element which i added to the booklet, in order to make the design a bit more personal, was an object for each band member to be displayed on the page with the photograph as can be seen in the example below. all objects are the result of my first associations with hate. as said the background of each booklet page is part of medieval map from "haatland" and it's surroundings.

the firmly green and black spines of the "haatland" tray-card will make sure it catches your attention while in a pile of metal albums. even though the artwork for this album was already pretty much defined before i got my hands on it, this design actually made me think of the possibilities of conceptual design for the first time.
dead head - Haatland design

haatland cover art & design

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dead head

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conceptual design
jolly roger / wicliff wolda
wicliff wolda
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gmr records